Hunzinger has been working effectively as Construction Managers longer than any other local firm. As your Construction Manager, we will have responsibility exclusively to you, the owner, and will act in your interests at every stage of the project. We proffer professional advice on how to optimize 2024 football recruiting rankingsuse of available funds, control the scope of work, drive project scheduling, enhance project program and constructability, have greater flexibility on contracting and procurement of resources, and manage the overall cash-flow. We provide comprehensive management of every stage of the project, and as agency CM, we can represent the owner by helping select the design and construction teams and manage the scope, help you stay within a predetermined budget with value engineering, cost-benefit analysis and best-value comparisons. As a CM at-risk, we will commit to delivery of the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). We will provide preconstruction services and serve as a general contractor during construction and aggressively manage the project throughout every phase.